A Plea For Purging

Music City

Music city never shines so bright
As the nights when coming home to those lights
All the cities, buildings, and bridges in this country
Can't compare to the love affair between you and me

I have traveled the whole wide world
And i can't find a better place to reside
Every single tour takes me kicking and screaming
Thirty hours from home, my nashville heart's still beating

Take me back home to all the kids in r town
Who know me for me
My heart's back in music city
Music city is where my heart beats

Alert the skies as hell retreats
I'm saying goodbye to my apathy
To all the workers in this town
Losing their minds in this great modern hell

The ghosts have their guns and they will destroy
Buried under broken glass lays their promised threat

From hollywood to vancouver, fridays mean hysteria
As wolverines break out
But tell sophia and alcina
We're still kicking it