The Priests Of Transition

Lying down over a v-shaped stone cradle
My head hangs out
Like where the shepherds usually slaughter their cattle
Silence reigns...

I'm in the middle of a five-end star
And each point is kept by a gloomy custodian
Shaping a circle of light between each other
Open arms simulating a cross and two more
Are close to me... close to me...

Instead of eyes they have two deep black holes
Each brow has different strange engraving symbol...
... Gleaming blood-red.

Tongues of fire above the seven heads
Unholy Ghost which steers that impious souls
Creatures of the Underworld loyal to their Lord,
The Master Of The Gateway,
Will guide my being all along the dimmest trip.

... FLY...
... FLY OFF...

They have no eyes because the don't need
At all...
They see all that's invisible for the vast majority of humans.
What's on the other side...
I see their talk but I don't listen anything
I suppose the reciting of some kind of strange prayers.
I feel a prick on my neck and the warmth of my blood
Caressing my face before it falls inside... inside a clay vessel...

(Melodic solo by Incuberus)

When the last drop has been she'd out of my throat
I'm still conscious and start to hear sounds
Leaving their mouths
Nothing I understand.
I feel my body hovering but myself has not stirred from this place.

... FLY...
... FLY AWAY...

One of both priests are in the center near me
The tallest, the loudest voice,
Is who gives the orders to proceed on the ceremony
And the other one reclines my head...

Luminous green fluid's introduced inside by injection
Burning me up inwardly
It hurts in a great pain never felt before...
... Unable to scream or move...

I begin to understand all they say while
Carry the altar I'm on
Three by each side
Following The Principal who talks ahead singing
Towards The Porch, lighted at our coming
And I fall in a deep sleep...

... Dream on...