Bad Addiction


The shots fly trying to hit my head
I go on while I hold my breath
I see the captain, but I can't hear him
His eyes are bathed in tears

I see some friends lying on the ground
The captain stands up and looks around
He has a wife and is a great dad
One shot hit him and now he is dead

Many men are sent to die
And in their homes, their families cry
We don't know what will happen tomorrow
We hope to leave this place full of sorrow

We're fighting for what we don't want
The truth is: we were sent to hunt
I look the ocean, it makes me feel free
On the other side my family wait for me

My ears are burning and my hand smells blood
Give up now doesn't seems so good
I want to leave here and I want to be alive
I may be shot, but I cannot die

I lost my mind, I cannot stay here
There's no way to set me free
I don't know what will happen tomorrow
Just hope to leave this place full of sorrow

Three hundred fifty days
and I'm still anxiously waiting to get my time
Just hope not too late
to return to my old life
Dear, I'll get back to you
When you realize I'll be there, right by your side
the world is so rude
I finally opened my eyes