Kill Your Enemy

He appears in all shapes.
You must protect yourself from his most perverse attacks.
No pity, no sympathy.
Show no feelings, grind them all one by one.
No compassion.
Declare war to who ever put you in troubles.
No confidence, no abstinence.
The fight in blood.
Only your authority must stand in front of these weak people.
You're the only master of yourself, and you're the one to decide of your life from now on.

Become what you are.
Do what only yourself only can do.

As the time goes, and after getting rid of the impurities on your way of life,
You'll realise that some people are worth knowing and can always be counted on.
But you can only count them one the fingers of one hand.

Most people hide behind their unsavoury hypocrisy and unnecessary nastiness.
A lot of them aren't honest and are extremely selfish.
They're only playing with you to make you suffer

Only mountains never meet
One day your revenge will call, be patient.
It's only a question of time.