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Vídeo: Atobe And Echizen Synchronization

Vídeo: Prince of tennis - The final match of National Championship Semifinals

Vídeo: Echizen Ryoma's Voice message (with english subs)

Vídeo: Zone of The Savior

Vídeo: Prince Of tennis Oav Vostfr Finale Echizen Ryoma All Techniques

Vídeo: Echizen Ryoma - Chisu

Vídeo: Prince Of Tennis Vostfr Ep21 FUNNY MOMENT Echizen Ryoma Head Shot

Vídeo: Ryoma Echizen : twist serve

Vídeo: New Prince Of Tennis Ep01 Vostfr Echizen Ryoma Epreuve des Balles

Vídeo: The prince of tennis - At last Ryoma took his momory back right before the national finals

Vídeo: Prince Of Tennis Vostfr EP70 Echizen Ryoma Joue Au Ping Pong