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Vídeo: Hal Kemp and His Orchestra - Moonlight Saving Time, 1931

Vídeo: Hal Kemp & His Orchestra - Thrilled 1935 Maxine Grey

Vídeo: Really hot! - Hal Kemp & His Orch.: Loveable, 1928

Vídeo: Hal Kemp " Forty Second Street " 1930

Vídeo: Collegiana by Hal Kemp and his Orchestra, 1928

Vídeo: Hal Kemp--"Hail to the Redskins"

Vídeo: Hal Kemp & Orchestra - In an 18th century drawing room (1939).wmv

Vídeo: Hal Kemp & His Orch. - She's a Great Great Girl, 1928

Vídeo: 1934 HITS ARCHIVE: For All We Know - Hal Kemp (Bob Allen, vocal)

Vídeo: 1937 HITS ARCHIVE: Where Or When - Hal Kemp (Bob Allen, vocal)

Vídeo: Pennies From Heaven - Hal Kemp