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Vídeo: Baptism Immersion Service Qodesh Event, People receive the Ruach! Set Apart Spirit!

Vídeo: Upcoming Qodesh Event Late Registrations Welcome Register below:

Vídeo: Miseducation of the negro through religion - Qodesh Events Shabbat Service

Vídeo: CEPHER Moments - Eth Cepheriym: Yom Qodesh & Parshat (Hebraic Calendar and Torah Portions)

Vídeo: Camel in the Qodesh

Vídeo: Experiences of Visitors at Qodesh Events 2018 - Family - Mishpacha Reunion

Vídeo: Beautiful footage taken of our recent Qodesh Event - Aerial Video Included

Vídeo: Joe Mettle perform @ Qodesh

Vídeo: Testimonials from those who were blessed by the Qodesh Event Gathering

Vídeo: You Deserve It - The Worship Stars (Qodesh Family Church - Greater Toronto Area)