Catie Curtis

Same Dream Desert Storm

T.V. nights and radio days
We all get the same news, all from the same place
We're going to war, they say it's for peace
So watch a few bombs drop and have a good night's sleep.

Did anybody have the same dream as I?
Did anybody have the same dream last night?

They say that we're civil, they say that we're right
They say that we rain bombs down on them at night
And if you don't like it, what can you do?
You may try to sleep but it will follow you.


Oh baby, hold me tight
I just can't take the news tonight
They talk about war like it's a game
Don't hear about the people, only the planes

There will be lies never erased
Along with the lives never replaced
But if we try for peace in our time
We may get some peace of mind.