Eria dOr

Ghazghkull Thraka

Ghazghull Thraka!
Leader of the big Waaagh!
Bashed his head in the heat of the fight,
and gained contact with the gods,
Mork an Gork.

He may be insane,
but he leads the orcs,
to victory!

Ghazgkull Thraka!
Leader of the big Waaagh!

Conquer what's us!

The emperor cried,
humanity died,
Ghazgkull trampled the earth!

He brought the earth,
Green armageddon,
A deluge of orcs!

He cut her throat,
the emperium bleeds,
she soon bleeds to death!

Orcs do rise!
Slay humanity!
Conquer the earth!
Conquer what's us!