Eria dOr

Her Song of Sorrow and Agony

...A rotting romance...

I had found true love,
but not found my home.

I couldn't stand it any more.
I left her with tears in my eyes.
Carrying her thoughts with me.
Without success I try to forgot.
I carry her with me!
Carrying her inside my head

I traveled, trough the sky
over seas far away from thee
searching for the thing, I had found before.
Truly I loved you but the impulse devoured my heart.

On top of the world
Deep in the oceans depths
Your song is heard always,
Singing birds in the tops of trees.
Even the wolf howls, in the night,
of my repentant deed.
Your song is pounding in my ears, mountains crying falling on me.
And the river calls to still his hunger.
Knees digging in the dirt and eyes filled with tears.

I hear the voice of my loves soul,
her song of sorrow and agony.
I hear her song inside my head.

"Tell me, my dear, why have you,
destroyed my live.
Farewell my dear and close your eyes,
for it's time to die."

Slowly I travel to the depths of rivers.
Once more I hear her song of sorrow and agony.

I, can't stand this pain.
We shall meet in the depths of rivers.
For I shall sing my song.

Farewell, my life, let me die and rot.

I shall jump from the highest bridge, deep into the deepest depts.
We shall kiss our corpses and dance in eternity.
Maggots crawl out of our wound, there where I touch your breasts.
My fingers sink in your flesh, but truly I love you.

I love you, rotting and decomposed.
We dance in the moonlight above a silver lake.
We are a rotting romance.