Eria dOr

Why The Wolfs Howl

Together we're drifting down the stream
Away from the world into oblivion
Flowers falling on our path, trees are smiling for our love
The roses on the shores, they witness our kiss
The roses, they know
The roses on the shores
The roses, they know
A flower so sweet, I kiss her in bitterness
I can't help gnashing my teeth, just a meal for the ferocious beast
His fangs cutting her veins, her thoughts whispering my brains
Innocent eyes looking in surprise, I touched her a blossom of ice
There is a wolf deep inside, in your kiss, I try to hide
But a howling, filling the night, the full moon, a silver light
Open season, the pack is loose, boorish bloody booze
Rend heaps of flesh, burning consience turning into ash
Listen my dear, Truly I love
But the wolfs awakened the beast, the beast that devours all
With full moon, in a dark night, howling for their loss
Now you know why, why the wolfs howl, why... the wolfs howl!
Do not deny you are a wolf too, a carnivore feasting on boar
No sympathy, you're a ferocious beast
Come and reign the fields, yield to none
Be gone my dear, death is far and near
Sylvan deity petrified by fear
Face the truth and see life covered in gore
We are beasts and nothing more!