Eric Bogle


What's wrong with this generation
What's wrong with this conversation
It's all wrong
Too many lies
Too much doubt
And unanswered questions flooding out one's mouth

Everybody sounds like everybody else
Everybody looks the same
Everybody looks at what everybody does
But honey I don't ever play that game

People will hear what they want to hear
People will always say what they want to say
And the good ones always listen

Everybody's scared to voice their opinion
Nobody wants feel the pain

Afraid of speaking the truth
Fearful of being oneself
Afraid to say we?re from Africa
Maybe we're all from China
Afraid to say we?re all children of war
Let's not do this anyone

What's wrong with all the separation
What's wrong with evolution
All good till no one finds solution
Then trouble only trouble comes out

Peace is easier than violence
You can be king without your trident
You can sit up on your throne
But without love you can't rule the world