Eric Brace

Tranquility Base

Tell me Neil, what you were thinking
With all of us watching you on the TV
Taking small steps and giant leaps and planting the flag
In a place no one had been

Two hundred thirty eight thousand and more
Miles away through the infinite night
The landing was rough, but you brought her down
So tell me, what did you see

Was it glorious, beautiful, frightening or sad?
You had the view no one else had
Did you turn away from the place you call home
And stare at the stars

When you stepped off the ladder did you think of Ohio
Your children, your parents, your wife
Your Panther jet brought down in Korea
Did you ask ?Who am I to live such a life??

One so glorious, beautiful, frightening and blue
No one but you ever had such a view
And why did you call it Tranquility Base
Did everything fall into place

And on the way back did you have much to say
To Michael and Buzz there beside you
They?d done their jobs, you had done yours
You were never much for small talk

And when you hit the atmosphere, flames they were everywhere
Did you wonder if you?d make it through
And when you hit the water out in the Pacific
You were just a speck in the blue

But still glorious, beautiful, silent and sad
You had the view no one else had
When you headed back to the place you called home
Did everything look out of place
Did you miss Tranquility Base?
Did you leave something up there, do you want to go back
Do you miss Tranquility Base
Do you miss Tranquility Base