Frenzal Rhomb

I Don't Need Your Loving

Well I needed to define what it was that made you mine
Was it pity or disgust I used to know but now I just don'ttrust
Since the accident, what it was you meant
I convinced myself it was heaven sent
that the ambulance was sent
And I wish I had disguise, please let ignorance provide a shieldfor covering
my pride might restore my faith in good yeah a wish I understoodbut I
don't care I just need another 'lude and intravenous food

I don't need your loving all I need is a spinal operation

In my weakened state I might, independence I won't fight
Cause I don't need your sorry eyes or was that just terribledisguise
or was it loose, thinly veiled hate I understand why you didn'twant to
wait, when it's time to operate

Now I'm running out of time now I know that hate is blind
It's all legal, not a crime I give consent to your detriment
Press the buzzer and you'll know it's time ask the nurse she'llsay
everything's fine
Take a scalpel to my spine