Depopulator Supreme

The future belongs to me.
For I am thy future.
Your destiny as it may be.
And it is not a pretty picture.
For that I can guarantee.
Prophecies of the darker kind.
Frightful sights of days to come
Pandemonic visions of a world gone by.
Yes I am death's constructor.
A bearer of plagues, invoker of pain.
Depopulator supreme.
I strike with force and utter might.
A vengeful tyrant.
On his way to triumph.
Whom none shall defy.
One final experiment in violence.
Obliteration follows with every step I take.
Future and past now become one.
A destination of no return.
My world wide spreaded terror campaign..
Your empty planet it speaks to me.
As in awe it beholds my devastation.
Mournful words of misery.