Family Man

Let me tell you the story about this man called Mr. Jones.
Now Mr. Jones he had it all worked out, he was a selfmade man working 9 to 5 for his wife and kids, and for a nice big car in front of a nice big house. Yes Mr. Jones he had it all, he was a well-respected man. But Mr. Jones he had this problem, that he just couldn't be happy with his life. So Mr. Jones went to this psychiatrist to talk and sort his troubles out. The doctor gave him some prescription pills to make his blues go away. Now Mr. Jones was popping pills and drinking lots of liquor, but no matter what he did, his blues they stayed. Mr. Jones kind of lost his mind, he didn't know what to do. Until the next day he called in sick and didn't go to work. Instead he went to the local hunting store to buy himself a nice big gun and put it inside of his nice big car. Later that day. It was already half past five, when he pulled up his car to his nice big house. He grabbed the gun out of the trunk and went inside of his house. There he found his wife and kids, he pulled the trigger and blew them all away. Now tragic Mr. Jones took his gun to place it under his chin. And so this story comes to an end, when the neighbours heard another bang and Mr. Jones was dead.