Inhaling the pure essence.
Rise above, far and beyond.
Unrevelling new dimensions of kaos.
Innovation, systematical improvement.
Erasing the flaws, genocidal art.
Deconstruction begins today.
The umtimate descent, a downwards spiral.
Never-ending, dragged into the vortex.
Eternity opens before me.
A new disease is now born.
Invoking the elemants, plague pestilence and death.
World infection, the ultimate downfall.
Stand down and step aside, I want to breathe.
Future doom descends on you.
Rise spirit and never return,
to cure us from the expendable.
Misled by genetic imperfections.
Reconstruction, human disassembly lines.
The modern man is but meat.
Empty shells of faceless beings.
Recycled, the modern man is but shit.
Unnatural extinction, aborting the stillborn race.
Disfunction torn out by the root.
Destroy or suffocate.
The victor's morals stannd thall.
Global disinfection of an excrement planet.
The solution: redemption by the megaton.