In My Eyes

Verse 1
I can't see my fear
I can't feel my face
I just have despair
I can't see if anyone is here

Verse 2
I don't want to live
I don't want to die
See a reason why
Don't know if i want to live or die

I see no reason why it me that has to suffocate
I see no reason why it me that has to live this way

Can't see visions clear
Can't feel my own fear
Can't see pain in my eyes
My soul wrapped guilt
My brain can't be built
Can't feel tears in my eyes

Verse 3
I cant feel my soul
I cant hear my heart
I cant taste my breath
Will there be anything left of me

Verse 4
I dont want to hide
I dont want to fight
Theres no reason why
Will i every be whole again?


Guitar solo

Verse 5
I cant feel my arms
I cant feel my legs
I cant use my spine
Dont know what the hell is going on

Verse 6
Can't regain my sight
Can't regain my touch
Can't regain my life
Can't do anything to satisfy

Chorus x2