Hockey Night

Hope Child

Hey all right!
Horizon is gone
It's like a slow decay
It's drippin' away
And yeah, all right
The feelin' is gone
They need a song to tell them
It's going to be okay.

All right, oh no
Come on, we're alive
And we're gonna be all right
The folk songs we taught
To the kids downtown
Where we used to see
Several stars
Several hearts
Several lips
How much do you want?
How much will you give?

And you hope child
In a little while
It's all we want
Do you hope child?
Is your life this wild?
But all we want
Is to give it up
And it's all we got
And it's all we want
But I want you to remember now
We broadcast hope
And I want you to remember now
That we broadcast hope
It's never been this bad
And it's done
But I swear that there's hope child