Hockey Night


Now what your friends say about it
"You gotta come out."
And what the dudes say about it
"You gotta come out right now."
And all the clean creepy teens slip their jeans off
And get in the water, whoa-oh
And do you swear on your life this feels right?
Does it fill me with love?
Yeah I think it does.

Yeah we're going out!

Well this life is like a river
We swim but we will never begin
To taste the water of love of love.
Our love is when it's sunny,
You fall in love with somebody
And all I can hope is to stay afloat
Ahh the summer makes you crazy
The melodys amazin
And all we can do is to sing oh
We got style we got forever
Our lives alright whatever we find
I hope we never look back oh
We can't look back