Infernal Death

Cries From The Crypt

Beyond The Gates
Between The Living And Dead
Oh Holy Cemetary
There stands a crypt

Next To Stone Angels
And Monoments
I walk at night
And hear a Cry

Rise Of Fear!
Death is near
Something rises from the grave
my soul to enslave

slowly Im moving
Towards the sound
what ungodly beings
Are on this sacred ground

I stand before
the wodden door
I feel the saints
are with me nomore

Rise Of Fear
Death Is near
something rises from the grave
my soul to enslave

Entering In
Through the cracks of Death
Staring At Something
That takes my breath

Before me a tomb
It bears my name
My soul crys out
and leaves me no more the same

Rise Of Fear
Death IS Near
Something Rises From The Grave
My Soul To Enslave