I live in a hicktown
I wear a baseball hat
My 4x4 ford pickup truck
Is really where it's at
I like to cruise down main street
To try and pick up chicks
Drive back and forth to no avail
Cuz all i see is hicks!

I live in a hicktown
You live in one too
We all live in a hicktown
There's nothing to fucken' do

Well i chew coppenhagen
I hide it in my lip
And you don't even know it's there
Until i have to spit - ptttoui!
I like my fancy cowboy boots
And my western style lee jeans
I think i'll go and kick sum shit
And eat some pork and beans

Reno is a hicktown, tulsa is a hicktown
Bakersfield is a hicktown
Salt lake is a hicktown, but then so is
Paris, new york, l.a., london, moskow