Jon Anderson

Midnight Dancing

Riding in this car
Simply looking for a place to dance the night
She smiled at me and said: "Which way do you wanna go now?"
I said: "It could be this way... It could be that"
"Come in to my room"
"You can dance with my tune"
"You can dance with my body"
"You can dance with my love"
"You can dance in these arms"
"You can dance with my life"
"You can dance with each rhythm above you"

She said...
"Sólo quiero tu amor"
"Sólo amantes saben como vivi"
"Completamente libre"
"Bailando entre sueños enamorados"
"Pensando en esse amor se puede soñar"
"Revivir, revivir"
"Ven conmigo esta noche"
"A bailar, a bailar, a bailar"
"Ven a bailar..."

"Come dance with me" she said...

So we went into the rhythm of piano conversation
And in the corner was this man singing to his friends
She took me by the hand...
Said "This is the way... this is the way to paradise!"
"Just dance with me... I'll bring you higher... higher..."
"To be true, to be right..."
"This is the play... the place you love..."
"This is the drama within you... they call it Midnight Dancing"