Daniel Lanois

Death Of A Train

Union Station, tombstone high
No more tears, this fountain dry
Nameless faces, just headlines
We don't ride that train no more

No resistance, turn my head
They could go out East instead
Newfoundland, land of my father
I don't ride your train no more

Cold steel shining, Battle Creek
Eyes are heavy, rain and sea
Massey-Ferguson memories
Don't ride that train no more

Hey there captain, is that you
Could you tell me, tell me what to do
I been twenty years on that Soo line
We don't ride your train no more

Smoke rises from the face of sand
dreams about, dreams of beaver dams
Sam can't hear quite like he used to
Tell them why we don't ride no more

Hey Pierre Trudeau oh, where are you?
My friend to lead us through
these hard times, so much confusion
I don't hear your train no more

I can't ride no more... (repeat)