Mack Maine

Up Until Then

You see, every hustler gotta story to tell
I know I do
You see everybody think they got what it take to make it
A lot of niggaz won?t make it, we made it
It?s that rich gang sh!t, and ymcmb sh!t
That get rich and get wealthy sh!t
I know I got alot of options for the ? nigga

Now I?m clutching on my toast
While am ridin in my ?, and I?m puffing on ma kali smoke
While I?m here to tell ?
Got two bad chicks and I?m about to fvck em both
Harlem when I was broke man I couldn?t fvck a hoe
Ymcmb dog you know I took the oath
I?m getting bred by the loaf, and I get breeding like the pope
That louie v poster, ain?t the only thing she took
So you gotta use cash when you approach
Stay in line nigga ain?t no need to encrouch
Break your legs player and have you running to your coach
I need to feel some fingers since god got a hand
And what?s a calender when they say god?s got a plan
I already know what?s part of your tradition and it?s part of your religion
When you brought up in conditions that?s considered to be hard to live in
So you?re addicted to the paper
And ? but I?m naughty by nature
And niggaz try to erase you like you was born a mistake
And haters be like slow down on the gas, pump your brakes
Them niggas ? fake I leave them flow in up our lake
Move along for the snakes set a trap for the mice
I?ve been heavy on the dice
I only sleep on my flights
My baby needs shoes and my momma need lights
And my hommie got life, made in jail he got left
So he lost all his rights
Now, all I could do was just right
Tell him that he hang in there yet
He can live through me and back to this crazy world
He can live throgh me
Fvck the world if they can?t adjust, I?mma keep flossing
And since life is a marathon, I?mma run as if I?m boston

Food for thought you niggaz starving
Up until then ?
Smoking as if me and you were ghetto children
Planning on a way that we can make a million
Up until then
Up until then
Up until then
Up until then