Nadia Oh


I'm Nadia, and I'm hot to death
I stay fly, and my rhymes are fresh
I rock Christian Dior, Prada, and the Gucci
And I'm a bit (?)
All around the world from Paris to Milan
My Harajuku Girls from Tokyo, Japan
I'm so hot; don't need a tan
1, 2, 3: I'll take your man
Ass so tight in these jeans; I'm rockin' it
Ask your man 'cos you know he's cockin' it
Tick-tock I'mma take it to the top
Black Amex 'cos I shop 'til I drop
Now you know just who I am
Let me introduce you to the rest of my band:
Me, myself, and I
I'mma stay fly 'til the day that I die

N.A.D.I.A. Oh
It's Nadia, baby

Nadia, and I'm off the chain
Those other girls just ain't the same
You're jealous 'cos my name is on the list
Diamonds on my neck and diamonds on my wrist
Don't you wish your girl was like me?
Everything that your girl wants to be?
Can't cook, but I get the look
And I'm a really hard drug that'll keep you hooked
And I know I won't keep you yawnin'
Keep going 'til six in the morning
I'm not here just to start a fight,
I'm like this little beauty wasn't rockin' right.
I make it look easy man;
Slow it down and catch it if you can
So fly I drive a man insane,
And I'll get your man singin' my name

N.A.D.I.A. Oh
It's Nadia, baby