Faith In Others

The dream of our youth is up ahead
Life has become a burden
Move in circles of suppressed despair
Waiting for the sun
Upturning stones to find evidence
That hides in the recesses of our hearts

Written decree of the loss
Carrying the faith in the cross
And the cold years are coming
For the victims of the longing

Out through the doors of starvation
Into the wraith of damnation
Where the bitter winds are singing
For the victims of her longing

Carried a lie through squalor
The evil need to dominate and raise hell
Gives birth to an anger inside
We can control this

The blood of departure in our tracks
Drifting from our empty left home
Your hand reached out to hold mine
But you're grasping the thin ice

Asleep in the rain
It shallows again
The ghost in my head
Has forgiven me and lifted its curse upon me