The Muderous

Sadness are moments
That when added to the hate
And the human stupidity
Take us to the abyss of a putrid mind
Able to kill

And to feel pride
To drink of your blood

And to satiate
To eat your viceras

In a total ecstasy
And penetrate you

Until the pleasure
Dreams are images
Reflected from a morbid childhood
Pathetic and humiliating
But the sagacity become surgical precision.
(Murderer's Mind)
Thy beg shall not serve
I want, but I cannot stop it
I ejaculate my hate in your body
And I satiate myself
Regurgitating in my soul

Lembranças fomentam
o ódio que veste
meu rosto
Ansiando a escuridão
no atormentado
recôndito do meu ser
Prelúdio de um fenecer
proferido à minha
amargurada sina